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Thank you for considering becoming a member of Gliss Ski Club. We are one of the original clubs on Mt Buller that celebrated its first season in 1952. It is a non-commercial club, run by its members and a Manager, on a nonprofit basis. Members participate in annual working bees to keep the lodge maintained and functional.

Our Manager is full time over winter for the skiers & these days we are also open during the summer season. This has been to cater for the increasing popularity of Mt Buller as a Mountain Biking destination and has seen the club attract many new guests over the summer season.

Members get priority booking at heavily discounted rates for themselves and their family before bookings are opened to the rest of the public.


 $40 per Adult

 $20 per child up until the age of 25

Children of members that are over 25 years of age pay the adult member rate.

Children under 5 are welcome during two separate weeks of the year that coincide with school holidays and the interschool’s competition and there is no charge for member’s children under 5 during these times.


The lodge welcomes our member’s friends and extended family as well as the general public that have discovered our great location close to Standard run and just 200 m from Bourke Street along a basically flat road. Most seasons we have ski in and ski out convenience making it very handy to drop in for a break at any time.


Gliss intends to expand the current lodge. We intend to rebuild much of it and what remains of the current bedroom & basement areas will be refurbished. Indeed we have already begun this process with completely rebuilding the men’s & women’s bathrooms and beginning to cover the external walls with an attractive & durable aluminum cladding. All the windows that will remain in this section are now double glazed and the bedrooms will be refurbished. If you are interested we can send the concept drawings via email for you to see what is planned.


Application Details

In order to become a member, an application is made to the Gliss Committee expressing your interest in purchasing a membership. With your letter of application please include details of your background(s) so that members who do not know you may get a sense of who you are and what skills you might contribute to the club. For example we have Builders, Electricians, Plumbers while others may assist with organizational skills on committees etc. Once your membership application has been received it will be considered and voted on by the Committee of Management.


A  Gliss Family Membership costs $15,000 and a Gliss Single Membership costs $8,000.

After payment you will be issued with Debentures in your name for this amount. Please note that we have a “Probationary Period” of 12 months. During this time you will be expected to participate in a working bee and club meetings (usually two per year in Melbourne). After this period the Committee reserves the right to refund your $15,000 and ask for your Debentures to be returned. Also you have the right at the end of this period to notify the Committee that you will not proceed to Full membership of Gliss Ski Club.  In the event that you wish to end your membership at some time in the future, the original amount you paid is refunded on return of your debentures.

 (A more detailed statement of Membership definition & entitlements is available on request from

N.B.:  a necessary part of being an Incorporated Ski Club requires that we charge members an annual subscription – currently $500 per year. To encourage those who complete a weekend working bee each year $300 is credited to your family to be used towards the cost of your family’s accommodation in that season.  Note: the amount doesn’t carry over from year to year if not fully used. The remaining $200 is nonrefundable to assist in maintaining and improving the lodge.

Further Enquiries 

We look forward to hearing from you. Please direct any further enquiries or your application for membership to the Gliss Secretary:


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